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Letter from Kaitlin:

"I would like to thank you for the experience given to me in the four months that I interned at BMQ. There were plenty of horses of all ages to work with. From the weanlings on up to four year old horses. I especially loved being able to start colts. The fact that I was able to, also, show horses to clients has helped me in a professional manner and to build my customer service skills. This program really helped me to build my own personal training program and has helped to develop me to "tailor" my professional skills as well. Thank you!
-Kailtin Swanson, Virginia, MN

Letter from Megan:

"I was extremely pleased to have the opportunity to work with Annie and her family at Blue Mound Quarter horses. After an exhaustive search for breeding and training internships I was excited to have the chance to come and intern at BMQ. I thought that this internship provided me with valuable experience of what it is like out in the equine industry. It also allowed me to make the decision of what part of the industry I would like to pursue for a career. I got to see and experience many sides of the industry from farrier work, dental, vet calls, hand breeding, mare care, training, and stallion handling to name a few. This internship really gives you the chance to work with many different ages and personalities of horses. I found that this experience has really enabled me to improve my resume and my horse handling skills. I really appreciate the opportunity that Annie has given me. I recommend this internship to anyone looking to further their equine knowledge and skills."
-Megan Kramer, Owatonna, MN

Letter from Kelsey:

"I completed my junior year at Colorado State University interning with the Kamphaus family at BMQ. In my five months at BMQ I learned more than I could have ever imagined possible. I took on this internship expecting to learn as much as I could about the breeding aspect of the equine industry including mare management, stallion management, assisted foaling processes, foal and yearling handling and live cover breeding. Not only did I gain incredible hands on experience doing each and every one of these things, I also learned a great deal about many other aspects of the equine industry. I learned about equine behavior, nutrition and disease management, as well as marketing, training, and farm management. I had tons of fun working and learning with Brittany and am honoured to have been a part of the BMQ family. This internship held for me more value than any class or book, it provided me with real, hands on experience doing what I love and I thank Annie Kamphaus, her family, and the BMQ horses for providing me with this amazing experience."
-Kelsey Kempton

Letter from Haley:

"I was fortunate enough to intern at BMQ from September 2008 until July 2009. I found BMQ online when I was searching for an internship at an equine breeding farm after my graduation from NDSU in May 2008. I am proud to have been the first intern at BMQ and so glad that I could start the internship program so Annie does not have to work so incredibly hard! I am now the Breeding Manager at Fingland Stables in Springfield, Missouri. I thank Annie so much for all she has taught me. Annie treated me like part of the family and I thoroughly enjoyed everything about living with the Kamphaus family. My favorite part of my internship was knowing I was helping out a well deserving family and getting to work with world champion caliber horses. Anybody who is chosen as an intern at BMQ will be thankful for the opportunity forever. Thanks Annie!"
-Haley Hawkins

Letter from Bonnie:

"I graduated with a degree in Animal Sciences from Oregon State in 2010 and was working with a trainer but felt that my opportunities were limited there. Coming to BMQ was truly a life changing experience. Being here just a few months taught me more than I learned in years of school. I learned so much about training, breeding, and management and Annie is a wealth of inofrmation about bloodlines and what makes a good cross.

I got to start four two-year-olds and learn about finishing some older horses. I've taken lessons and been to clinics taught by Bonnie Pumper and Dawn Baker. I've made great contacts and friends and am now going to working for Drew Emnett Pleasure Horses. I consider Annie and her friends to be mentors and know I can come to them for their advice and knowledge for the rest of our lives. I've made friends that are from all over the country. To top it all off, Annie sold me an amazing horse at an amazing price that I'm sure will prove to be the foundation of my showing and breeding career. I truly believe that doing this internship will prove to the turning point in my life that will ensure that I will be in demand as a trainer and breeder. If you want a career in the pleasure horse industry, you need to come here! Thank you so much for everything Annie! "
-Bonnie Lane, Astoria, OR

Letter from LA:

" I came to BMQ as a kid fresh out of highschool, I made that 16 hour drive from ohio, with high expectations of what I wanted to learn when comming here, but what I learned here was way more then I could have ever imagined, or could have ever learned from a text book! When comming here I really wanted to focus on the breeding and training aspects, but not only did I gain incredible hands on experience doing each of these things, I also learned a great deal about many other aspects of the equine industry. I learned about equine behavior, nutrition and disease management, as well as marketing, training, and farm management,mare management, stallion management, assisted foaling processes, foal and yearling handling and live cover breeding, also A/I. Along with all of this it was the valueable life lessons that you walk away with learning from Annie "mom" and all who play a major role at BMQ Horses. I would recommend this intenship to anyone who thinks they might have an interest in the equine business."
L.A. King

Letter from Bryne:

"Dear Ann, I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the opportunity I have had here at BMQ. After my time here I am certain training horses is what I want to do. I have been validated through the results I have seen through the horses I was able to work with, videos, and people commentting on the job I have done with them since they have seen the horse last. It means alot to me that I was able to work with your amazing animals. And I hope I was able to better those horses, to know they enjoy their job, and give them training they will remember. Every horse to me I feel I accomplished milestones with. Aside from training I have been around and learned alot more than I would have somewhere else. The MANY dynamics of operating a breeding facility, ultrasounding, vet care, foal care, management, marketing ect...there is so much I was able to experience and get my hands on. I was able to see things, do things myself, and know what I really wanted to dive into with my equine career.I had a blast with Aspen and you have a beautiful family. I know I will be sending people this way if they are looking for their future show horse. Thank you so much again Ann for allowing me to be apart of BMQ the time I was here. I am grateful for everything I was able to be around!! :]"
Bryne Kilgore

Letter from Sara:

"Interning for the Kamphaus family was the best opportunity a 16 year old girl could ask for! In two months, I cannot believe how much I’ve learned. I never really knew how much care, maintenance, and dedication it really takes to put into a western pleasure/hunt seat horse to make him, his best and to keep a farm like Annie’s running. The food was great, the kids always had a smile from ear to ear, and Annie made you feel at home the moment you stepped foot in her door way. Thank you for helping me get to where I am heading!"
-Sara Hopkins, Pine River, MN

Letter from Laura:

"I’m a graduate from Oregon State University with a Bachelor’s in Equine Science. After graduation I searched for a job without success for five months. I realized that I needed above average work experience for a successful career in the competitive equine industry. I discovered BMQ’s internship and it more than exceeded all of my expectations! Annie gives everyone the freedom to focus on the aspect of the industry that interests them (or to learn it all!). I began my internship in January, just as breeding season began. I helped deliver 28 foals and breed back 30 mares. I got hands on experience doing everything: delivering foals, administering medications, IM and IV injections, breeding management, stallion handling, and much more. There is never a dull moment when living on a farm with 100 horses. My primary interest in taking the internship was horse training. No other farm will give you full access to training Congress and World Champion quality horses. I had 14 amazing horses to train and got experience starting and finishing Western Pleasure, Hunter Under Saddle, and All-Around Quarter Horses. This is also a great opportunity to learn all about marketing and selling. Annie Kamphaus did more than just teach me what she knows. She gave me valuable work experience, treated me like a friend and part of the family… she also got me lined up with an Assistant Training job working for Jason Hagberg (a congress and world champion level QH trainer). Annie, I can’t thank you enough for everything!!!"
-Laura Satern